Compost powder Terra + Festinate liquid.

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3 months supply
  • 1 liter of compost liquid Festinate.
  • 5 Liters of compost powder Terra.

Why are the Compost powder and liquid needed?

  •  They make the composting process 10 times faster.
  •  The smell does not appear from the biobox.
  • Self-produced humus has high quality for fertilizing your plants.

What are Festinate and Terra made of?

Terra consists of Macro elements and seaweed.

Festinate consists of composting microbes that originate from usual compost-piles.

Festinate and Terra need to be added to the biobox after every 1.5 weeks.

First 3 months set of Terra and Festinate come with the biobox

Carefully read the instructions before you start using the product.

Terra and Festinate can be ordered only if you have bought the biobox before.

Terra and Festinate can only be used with the biobox.